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JIERCHEN Model was founded in 1985.

Founder is a designer in the home appliance industry with rich experience in design.

At first, we only provided design drawing service, but in order to cope with the fast delivery demand.

We started the model making service.


Added 3-axis CNC machine.

As the industry changes, the scale of business continues to expand from traditional home appliance models to electronic communication industry.

Our keen market insight enables us to adjust our business direction to fulfill the ever-changing needs of our clients.


Relocated the factory from Zhonghe to Banqiao Guoqing Road.


Purchased high-precision CNC milling machine, colorimeter, color contrast box.
Acquired D-U-N-S® RegisteredTM certification.


In 2020, we began to receive orders from overseas and actively expand our overseas business to cope with the changes in the global market. 

We have also demonstrated our determination and ability to develop the international market.

Percentage of foreign clients: 0->10%.
At the same time, we have passed ISO9001 certification.
Purchased Magnetic Grinding Machine and 2.5D Measuring Instrument.


Started a digital transformation program to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and strengthen its competitive advantage in the digital era.

Introduced Ragic cloud database to integrate the company’s information system.
Purchased the latest high-precision CNC milling machine to improve machining accuracy.
Hired a consultant to start the pre-planning of Carbon Footprint Verification.

With 39 years of design, production experience and a professional team,
infusing infinite value into the model.

Superior Quality

From material selection to production, mastering the details achieves making high quality models.

Innovative Spirit

Constantly updating technology, and making good use of new tools. Never stopping innovation, research and development.

Dreams Come True

With the belief of “MAKE UP YOUR DESIGN COME TRUE!”,
We help our clients realize the design of their dreams.

Customer Satisfaction

We emphasize on communication with our clients and establish a trusting relationship with them.

Successor|Kenny Tsai

Hi, I’m Kenny, the successor of JierChen Model. Since I was a kid, I’ve been listening to the sound of machines, the smell of cutting fluid, and many kinds of tools filled my life.

As the company moves into its 39th year of operation, and it has experienced the experience with products such as Walkmans, stereos, computers, cell phones, tablets, automotive parts, wearable devices, and 5G communication devices.

Through the process of interacting with customers, we have gradually accumulated experience in model making. Practiced the attitude of listening to customers’ voices and making constant corrections, which is also the DNA of our team.

No matter it is plastic model or metal model, we will make satisfactory models with the most customer’s needs as the point.

In response to the ever-changing needs of our customers and the increasing precision of dimensions, our team continues to upgrade on our skills.
In view of the future trend, we are also actively looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions and be friendly to the environment.

In the future, we will continue to work hard to make better products that will shine in the R&D stage and bring the highest benefits to our clients. Creating a win-win situation!

We are dedicated to being a trusted design and manufacturing partner in the electronic communications industry. 

Providing our clients with precise and reliable modeling solutions through continuous innovation and superior craftsmanship.

  • Technological Innovation: By constantly updating our technology, to cope with the rapid changes in the electronic communications industry.

  • Excellence in Quality: In the field of electronic communications, details and quality are very importance.

    With superior quality standards, we ensure that our products achieve or exceed our clients’ expectations.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Work closely with our clients to understand and focus on their needs.

    Based on honesty, and build long-term relationships to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Environmental Commitment: Concerned about environmental sustainability and actively implement Carbon Footprint Verification and testing to reduce the carbon footprint in the production process to protect the earth’s resources.

Company Characteristics

Smart and low-carbon manufacturing

Smart and low-carbon manufacturing

During the manufacturing process, we are committed to collecting data, reviewing and correcting them.

We have developed more energy-saving, and efficient machining methods to minimize tool exhaustion. We also update the parameters of the cam machining software to improve machining quality and accuracy.

Global Perspective, Overseas Expansion

Global Perspective, Overseas Expansion

Based on the electronics and communications industry, we actively participate in international exhibitions and expand overseas markets to build global brand awareness.

One-Stop Service

One-Stop Service

Providing a full range of design and manufacturing services for the electronic communications industry. From drawings to finished products, we can fulfill our clients' needs in one stop.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

To provide customized solutions for the diverse electronic communications industry.


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