ABS, PC, ABS+PC, and acrylic are the main materials, and there are also PP, POM, PTFE, NYLON, PEEK, PVDF, Bakelite and other composite plastics.

AL6061、AL5052、AL7075、SUS303、SUS304、SUS316、SUS420、 S45C、Zamak3、Brass C2680、Copper C1100, and so on.

Spray Paint、Sand Blasting、Dyeing、Polishing、Screen Printing、Laser Engraving、Hair-Line、Anode、Black Oxide、Electroplating.

Small quantities and various samples are available.

Even one piece can be processed.

CNC machining is a manufacturing process that uses Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology to control mechanical tools for precise cutting.
It is a modern automation technology in the manufacturing industry. Advantages include high precision, small tolerance, fast operation, and saving time, which is suitable for small production scale.
Widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, biotechnology, medical, electronic communications, wearable devices and other fields.

  1. The process can be divided into three steps.
    Based on the CAD model of the designed part, the programmer arranges suitable toolpaths and makes necessary fixtures for machining.
  2. The CNC operators set the needed knives on the handle, calibrate the length of the knives, and cut the proper size of the material.
    Then the operators fixe the material on the machine and set the coordinates.
  3. Next, depending on the complexity of the workpiece, there will be a male mold surface, female mold surface and different angles of processing step by step. After finishing, the excess fixing material will be removed.
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